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About Unihon Tech

Unihon Tech is devoted to providing premium pet nutritious food supplies and started to grow and manufacture dried mealworms as an alternative protein to feed animals. As animals and pets lover, our mission is to help your animals eat well, feel well, and live well.

Unihon Tech has professional teams to supervise and manage the feeding, processing, and transportation process of producing mealworms. Unihon Tech’s entire industrial chain can ensure product quality and safety. The ultimate goal of the company is to produce high-quality, healthy, and safe products for your pets and animals.

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The characteristics of
Dried Mealworms

Dried Mealworms are high in protein and low in fat. The fat content of dried mealworms is 27%, and the protein content is as high as 52%. It is a perfect protein booster for animals.

Dried Mealworms' nutritional composition ranks first among all kinds of food. It contains phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, other major elements, and a variety of trace elements, as well as 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for animal growth. The content of amino acids per 100 grams of dry mealworms is as high as 947.91 micrograms.

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The Advantages of Dried Mealworms

Calcium for stronger eggshells

Protein for healthier feathers

Boost immune system and health

Good source of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to improve animals’ overall growth

Unihon Tech is the industry leader in producing dried mealworms
  • Self-owned Mealworms Breeding Facility
    Unihon Tech has a breeding and manufacturing facility in China for high-quality mealworms production. Having a self-owned facility, we ensure every mealworm is high in quality and safe for your animals.
  • Advanced Processing Equipment and Technology
    The industrial-scale processing is required to process mealworms in the best possible way. Our advanced technology makes the drying process time shorter and more efficient.
  • Experienced Professional Team
    Our group of professionals has mature breeding skills and years of experience to raise each mealworm that meets a high standard and contains rich nutrients.
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Unihon Tech is an innovative company specializing in breeding, processing, and producing high-quality dried mealworms.