We promise to manufacture 100% natural dried mealworms.
We do not add any preservatives, colors, or food attractants because keeping animals safe and healthy is our ultimate goal.
Our Mealworms Breeding and Processing Facility
Unihon Tech has 10 years of experience in breeding and processing mealworms. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system that is recognized by the industry, producing over 5,000 tons of dried mealworms annually.
Strong Productivity
Unihon Tech has a technical engineering team, production team, and quality inspection team to manage and supervise the mealworms processing equipment and ensure mealworms are processed perfectly in every stage.
High Standard Processing
We have a modern high standard aseptic space, advanced processing equipment, and production process. With strict control, we ensure we can produce high-quality and high-specification products.
High-Quality Control
Using advanced selection equipment, each mealworm needs to pass multiple processes including strict screening technology and mealworm separator machines to pick out the substandard mealworms and impurities.
Custom-design equipment
We have custom-design mealworm separator machines for sorting out the perfect mealworms from the skins, fecula, dead, and damaged larvae. We regularly screened and separated mealworms during their growth to facilitate subsequent breeding and processing.
The Process of Mealworms Production
From breeding, selecting, and drying to packing, we supervise each process to ensure we only produce high-quality mealworms that meet high standards.
  • 1.Breeding
  • 2.Selection
  • 3.Processing
  • 4.Packing
Our Factory Photos
Feed Your Animals With The Healthy and Nutritious Dried Mealworms